The New Paradigm: Models, Diagrams, Proposals and Provisions for the Coming Age. Opening at The Pavilion, March 4th, 2010.
For locals, False Creek refers to the short inlet that lies at the centre of the city, and is the geographical centre for many of the Olympic-related activities that are taking place in Vancouver. False Creek was named by the explorer George Richards in the mid-19th Century after realizing that what he had hoped would be a passage to a rich coal deposit led to a dead end. Today False Creek resonates with other layers of both optimism and failure which the latest real estate and park developments draw attention to as the try to suture various social and economic gaps.
To use a sports analogy, this exhibition represents a ‘false start’ as the artists have taken for granted that the near future will be devastated by an environmental disaster, most likely of our own making. On the other hand, T&T’s drawings, sculptures and recycled engineering solutions should be seen as a creative ‘warm up’ for a future rendered carnivalesque and picturesque in contrast to the sublime doom and gloom of Mad Max or Waterworld. In this whimsical and astute work, T&T have imagined a future situation where the hubris of progress and civilization has been replaced by a new confident relationship between art, technology and nature, reliant on an artistic and stylistic gleaning of the past.
T&T False Creek: Pendulum Gallery, February 5 - March 3, 2010, curated by Patrik Andersson.
Sail boat.
Light house.
Paddle Wheeler.